Akilles ursinne

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En krönika om en ung mans uppgång och fall.

A chest in which lies a Swedish pirate.

Lars Gathenhielm.

"Gathenhielm regerar som en turk: alla hans fartyg äro i sjön."

( Gathenhielm rules like a Turk: All his ships are at see)

Att våga sitt liv för sin konung och släkt,
Det är både Gudi och människom täckt,

"To dare your life for kin and king;
Both god and men deem a beautiful thing”

In case you were wondering, I’m the smiling dude second from the right. x)

I see & understand, except the meat part. I don't think being against slaughterhouses and meat-eating in general collides with drug intake at all? unless what you meant to say was clean eating and living organically, drugs aren't really natural unless it's plain bush? please specify, again, not attacking at all! :) thank you for being kind.

It might not collide, but in my view it doesn’t make you the hero a lot of people seem to think they are if they contribute to making the world worse in severeal other ways instead. It wouldn’t really be an issue in my mind if they didn’t at the same time portray themselves as heroes with higher moral ground than the others around them.

Also, the word natural is very problematic. Killing is natural. Some scientists have even started to believe our skulls are formed as they are to increase survival-rate during fist fighting with other human beings. It has also been suggested that it is all natural for schimps to be killing other chimp through their kind of warfare. The world is beautiful and full of life, but it doesn’t follow any human-made moral values. We try our best to put the world around us into some logical frame work so we more easily can deal with the fact that the world is random. Lions do not weep over they prey. Cats kill for fun at times. Wolves gorge themselves on sheep despite the fact that killing one would be enough. This isn’t the least evil. Evil is only a concept we made up. The world outside the human mind doesn’t bend to the concept of evil.

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why is white people having dreadlocks an issue? they aren't race specific? and the rastafarians didn't start it based on religion. I'm not trying to attack you, simply trying to gain perspective. :)

Not an issue at all, I have several white friends who have or have had dreadlocks. It was more of a joke on a stereotype.

Based on my own empirical studies I have come to notice that a lot of modern “hippies” also sport dreadlocks, and that a lot of said “hippies” are also slightly hypocritical. An example, moralising about people eating meat but contributing to the bloody trade of drugs. Being against huge industries and still having apple-products. Beeing against polution but still flying to far -off places and thereby poluting. This is what I’m making fun of.

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Oh you!

We cut our way through forests, crossed on frozen streams
They fell away before us like a murmur in a dream
And they burned the land around us as snow was closing in
And the arms of winter took us as we fired against the wind

The coldest winter in memory was 1709 
The sea froze off the coast of France all along the Neptune line
By the lost town of Dunwich the shore was washed away
They say you hear the church bells still as they toll beneath the waves

In memory of those who never came home in that war where 10% of all Swedes in the world perished, yet the country still stood.

My first tattoo, made 2 years ago.

Oh lord of heaven be on our side;
and in our northern land abide;
as thou did in ancient times.
Look to the bravery again;
Of the Swedish king and his men;
And let your spirit rest on our shores;
in the lands of the north.

Rolling a “1” for armour save! >=(