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En krönika om en ung mans uppgång och fall.

Bear hunting in Dalarna, Sweden.

(Dalarna means “the dales”(Valleys))

What choice do we have? If we do not stop the russian army here in Uspenka, you’re gonna have to stop it in Sweden.” - Ukrainian officer.

Having long hair and a painted face doesn’t stop people from making fun of you.

The thing.

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"Here burnt witch-fires

Women died
Men  judged.

The beliefs of the the times
befalls humankind”

Torsåker, Sweden.

Annual recreation of the battle of Visby.

Jesus Christ!

A great fire devastated a church in Stockholm. Luckily most of the valuables were saved, and the ancient decorations were also. It has now been rebuilt.

Children. Damn they’re stupid.

It’s still amusing. Roslagen means “The land where the men who row rule”, or simply “the rowers law”, and they called themselves Rus. The finns still know swedish people as “rotsi”.

Sigismund was a pretty solid king of Poland. I think he managed that job well. He couldn’t have kept being the king of Sweden for long, though, that would have destabalized the land. A lot of the nobility was on Sigismunds side, but the common people were not. It was a good thing the civil war came to a swift conclusion, else the land would have bled more than it should have.

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