Akilles ursinne

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En krönika om en ung mans uppgång och fall.

"Gentlemen! (Hold me, you pigs!) Our sun (Gustav III) was drenched in blood, but has risen again to shine in another world, for by thousand devils was not Gustav a beam of the eternal light!  The image I’ve made of him is but trash, but we keep his image in our hearts and there it will live for as long as we have a single drop of blood in our veins. A toast to Gustav III, our father and benefactor!"  - Johan Tobias Sergel, at the unveiling of his statue of the Swedish king Gustav III.


Dies iræ! Dies illa
Solvet sæclum in favilla:
Teste David cum Sibylla!

Quantus tremor est futurus,
Quando iudex est venturus,
Cuncta stricte discussurus!

So then I lay in hiding
Till my stepmother came riding.

By the bridgehead I lay watching
Till I saw her horse approaching.
And as she passed I caught her
And down from her horse I brought her.

Through blood, screams and nightly gloom
I tore the child from her womb
And when i had drunk my brother’s blood,
I became a knight, gallant and good.

- A rough translation of a swedish medieval song about a man being transformed into a wolf by his stepmother, and taking cruel vengeance on her.

I saw so many young men I’de known before;
Who from the bay of Viborg came home no more

Gustavus II Adolphus, the great. The lion of the north, the golden king.

His horse, streiff, that he rode the day he was killed. His pistols, part of his clothing, his sword and a banner flown at the fateful battle that cost him his life is also shown.

Hero and king, he fell leading his men at the battle of Lützen, anno 1632.

Me and one of my friends caught 4 fish today, these are the 2 I got. Tomorrow I’ll cook ‘em and serve ‘em for dinner. :D

Hippies being hippie-like.

"Rage and sorrow are seated in my heart…so firmly that I scarce dare to stay alive. It seems that God wishes to support the Turks to our loss…ah, lord God…alas, the realm of the East has lost so much that it will never be able to rise up again. They will make a Mosque of Holy Mary’s convent, and since the theft pleases her Son, who should weep at this, we are forced to comply as well…Anyone who wishes to fight the Turks is mad, for Jesus Christ does not fight them any more. They have conquered, they will conquer. For every day they drive us down, knowing that God, who was awake, sleeps now, and Muhammad waxes powerful."

- Lament of a Templar Knight at the losses against the Muslims during the seventh crusade.

Poor Warwick!